Did you know your horse doesn’t feel the cold the same as you do?


Did you know your horse doesn’t feel the cold like you do?  But many horses get rugged when their owner feels a bit chilly. This week we will be delivering some facts and science to help you when you are faced with the hard decision – to rug, or not to rug today?

We know there are A LOT of factors that influence why you might decide to pop a rug on your horse and why you might not; such as whether your horse is clipped or not clipped, if you have a veteran, ill health, breed and type, and climate, to name a few!  There are so many variables and grey areas, we agree it’s tricky at times to know just what to do for the best, and some days you will get it wrong. 

We aren’t here to call you out or make you feel bad, you aren’t going to get it right all the time, we just want to share the science on rugging and for you to share this with your equestrian friends.  Our mission at DrDavidMarlin.com is to give you the science and facts to make your day-to-day choices that bit easier and life that bit better for our horses.
Science is there to assist us in caring for our horses and becoming the best horse owners that we can be.
Watch Dr David Marlin’s video now to get an insight into how a rug, when it’s not even on a horse, can really heat things up – now imagine what happens on your horses!



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