Winners Announced – UV mask Giveaway


DRUM ROLL PLEASE ….Our UV Mask Winners and new Club Testers Are:

1 – Maria Prior – Maggie

2- Kathy Molan – Dusty

3 – Lauren Coulton – Savannah

4 – Kate Taylor – Sienna and Jasper

5- Sarah Ince – Ghost

6 – Penny Hayward – Lexi

7 – Lynn McCrindle – Hei Hei

8 – Sharon Hutley – Charlie

9 – Alison Hargreaves – for the RSPCA

10 – Frances Stokesbury – Gump

11 – Deborah Beese – polo ponies

12 – Wendy Chisholm – Shad

Testers – Please send your name, address and telephone number to

When you receive your mask please post a photo in the group with your initial feedback.

Congratulations to all our UV and Fly Mask Winners and thank you to everyone who took part.

See the full UV Mask Results – the results were staggering!

UV Mask Lab Results: The results – UV horse mask testing – Dr David Marlin

UV Mask Fitting Review: Horse UV and fly mask fit review – Dr David Marlin

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