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Next Webinar:  Register Now for our next webinar by Dr Gillian Tabor on Equine Soft Tissue Therapy – What do they do and how? Covering massage, myofascial release, and light touch therapies. For more Info, click here
UV Mask testing results released:  The difference in the UV protection the companies claimed and the UV protection measured in lab testing was staggering. The results can be found in our product review section, click here

5 Top Tips For Dealing With Heat – See our top five tips for dealing with the heat, click here

Don’t miss the Grass Growth Up-date, click here

Watch this space for the Fly Rug Results:  Our next lab test results will be on Fly Rugs – see how the brands performed this week!
Fly Rug Winners: We will announce our Fly Rug Winners selected from our members this week.
Don’t Miss The Tokyo Olympics Up-dates:  Dr David Marlin leaves for Tokyo on Monday and we look forward to his diary up-dates while he is away.
Fly Spray Survey Results: If you’ve not seen these results, you might appreciate them with this hot spell the bugs are out, click here


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