Wellie Survey Results … Just in Time for Christmas!


David Marlin and the team are passionate about saving our members time and money, and in terms of footwear, we now know there are huge savings to be made

This wellie survey is very exciting for the horse community: as consumers we spend a lot of our hard-earned cash on our kit, and keeping our feet warm and dry in winter with a reliable pair of wellington boots is pretty important. But, and this is a big but, how do we know that what we are buying is any good? They might look good, but will they stand up to the job? In short, we don’t know. We are led by fashion trends, magazines, retail outlets, chat rooms and so on. Those sources can’t give you totally unbiased information that has been analysed by a science expert, but we can – and we plan to go a step further too!

Say goodbye to leaky wellies, saggy wellies, uncomfortable wellies, broken buckles and all the other problems many of you said you had encountered in the past. Let’s walk a new path in the pursuit of equestrian happiness, let’s make informed decisions, let’s stop wasting money, let’s buy products that can do the job!

Scroll down to find out how the equestrian community rated their wellies and, believe us when we say this, there are some surprising results below. Some brands we had never heard of before came GALLOPING over the wellington boot finish line and have certainly grabbed our attention. Once you’ve read the results keep scrolling to find out how Dr David Marlin intends to go one step further in his dogged search of the perfect wellington for our DrDavidMarlin.com members!

That’s not all…
We aren’t stopping at a survey. As valuable as knowing how you “Rate Your Wellies” is, this is only stage one for our members. We want to save you money and make your £8 monthly membership go that extra mile. Our aim when you join the Dr David Marlin community is that we give you unbiased, scientifically proven horse welfare advice with access to all our resources via the website’s library of webinars, podcasts, videos and studies and by you being able to participate in live webinars and chat to David and the team in our Facebook community! AND that’s not all, another large part of what we do for our members is to point you in the direction of good products and to ensure you trust us in our mission we aren’t selling advertising or benefiting from who we shout about either – we want to be totally independent and unbiased.

So, with that in mind the Dr David Marlin team plan to leave no stone uncovered in our pursuit of the best performing wellington. Next, we are going to test some of the wellington brands in the survey, we aren’t going to post them out to various people for their opinion, we’ve had your opinions. We are going to purchase some of the wellingtons and LAB test them! We will be telling you how they fare under test conditions for COMFORT and WARMTH and other performance criteria too, but David will be updating you on all of that!  Tune in next week to find out which brands he will be testing and how he plans to put them to the test them.

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Tell us what you think?
So, what has surprised you, any brands you’d not heard of before, any you expected to come out better or worse, let us know your thoughts. Join Dr David Marlin for a chat in our Private Members Group on Facebook, click here.


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