Welfare charities appeal for public support to prevent horse welfare catastrophe


Welfare charities ask for public support to prevent horse welfare catastrophe and recommend solutions to fix ‘broken system’

With Covid-19 affecting our community in so many ways, it is no surprising that horse welfare will also be at risk.  A report called Britain’s Horse Problem was released in December and highlights that more responsible ownership, wider regulation and active enforcement are needed to break the cycle of suffering.

Blue Cross, Bransby Horses, British Horse Society (BHS), Horseworld, Redwings Horse Sanctuary, RSPCA and World Horse Welfare pooled their expertise in producing this report.

To read the report BRITAIN’S HORSE PROBLEM, click here

Some comments from World Horse Welfare and Redwings:

Roly Owers, Chief Executive of World Horse Welfare which led the coalition producing the report, said:

“The demands on welfare charities which seemed so acute in 2012 with the ‘horse crisis’ have continued unabated, so this is no longer a crisis but the ‘new normal’. Equine welfare charities have been overstretched trying to help as many horses as possible, grappling with crisis management to the best of our ability over the past seven years, but Covid could push us over the edge.

“With such a challenging winter ahead, now is the time to highlight to the public and government that we see a grim equine welfare storm brewing, and that we urgently need support to cope with it. It is as important as ever to better tackle the root causes of this systemic scourge and change the system to better protect horses and to truly hold owners to account.

“If you are struggling with horse ownership, reach out to a charity who may be able to help offer support and guidance before the problem spirals out of controlWe also urge members of the public to give to reputable welfare charities this winter but do your homework. Is the rescue organisation a genuine charity? Do they meet basic welfare standards for the animals they care for? Just a little consideration before you give can make sure you have the impact you want.”

Nic de Brauwere, Chair of NEWC and Head of Welfare & Behaviour at Redwings, commented:

While equine charities have taken in thousands of horses each year, horses are being put at risk at least at the same pace as we are collectively able to rescue them. It’s like trying to drain a bath with the taps still on, no matter how much water escapes down the drain the water level remains unchanged. Covid could make the bath overflow.”

World Horse Welfare are appealing for donations to the Horse Welfare Line – a Lifeline for Horses from £3 a month, click here



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