Webinar – Olympic Roundup – Let’s go behind the scenes!


Dr David Marlin played an important role in the Equestrian element of the Tokyo Olympics both in the preparation and running of the event where he supported the FEI in horse welfare matters.  With many of us sitting at home struggling to watch any TV coverage on the equestrian side of the Olympics and feeling somewhat out of the loop this webinar will give you never seen footage and the chance to truly see how the horses were cared for!  If you would like to know more about Olympic preparation and some considerations the riders and teams had to take into account when preparing to go to Tokyo please take a look at the following short videos on Acclimatisation, WBGT, Travel and Cooling.

Preparing for Tokyo:

Acclimatisation:  Click Here

WBGT: Click Here

Travel: Click Here

Cooling Horses:  Click Here

After running the below live webinar we found we were inundated with people wanting more!  Therefore we are now arranging webinars that will focus on each discipline in more detail to include the Dressage, Show-Jumping, and Eventing and we will release these on the calendar page in the coming week:  Diary Page







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