Topic of the Week – Rugging, let’s take a look back!

A look back at Rugging Week …. well, we have certainly covered a lot!
This week’s topic has been Rugging which has proved very popular with so many of you. Thank you for your participation, we have enjoyed the group chats, both the member webinars and answering your questions!
Let’s recap on what we have done this week and where you can find all this wonderful content!
Live Members’ Webinar Replay with Dr David Marlin, if you scroll down below the webinar video you will find some of the Q&A questions. To find this content click here 
Rugging Poll – Interesting Results
As you can see most of you have 5 or more rugs for each horse that you own and the biggest complaint seems to be that your rugs don’t stay waterproof.  With the price of turnout rugs you would hope that they wouldn’t leak.  This information has led to David running a study, see below!
Community Chat:
David and the Members enjoyed rugging discussions on our Private Members Page on Facebook, click here Members group page.
Podcast:  David has made a rugging podcast for you to listen to at home or on the go: click here.
Rugging Survey:  Please complete David’s Rugging Survey, click here.
The aim of the website is to create a community who have horse welfare at their heart and to look after you by giving you unbiased, independent and scientifically correct advice.  David also wants to ensure that the products his members use do what they say they do – and to try and save members time and money in the process!  As you can see from the poll, this week we found out that most of you have 5 or more rugs for each horse that you own; however, it became apparent that it is very much trial and error as to what rugs work. No-one seems to know what the best performing rugs are on the market.  With rugs being an expensive item of kit and with each horse often having 5 or more rugs, it’s a serious investment! David is now on a mission to get some answers for you as he will study the survey data and obtain and test the most popular rug choices to find out in scientific terms which ones are worth having. We can’t wait for the results!
Articles:  Is it Time to Start Rugging our Horses? click here
Rugging Device: There was much discussion about the Orscana device. David will always tell you if he thinks that a product is good and he really rates this one.  (Please note David’s view is completely impartial and he is not sponsored or paid to promote this product, he just thinks it’s great!)  Click here
I think you will agree we have had an interesting and engaging week and we really hope you enjoyed it!  Next week the Topic of the Week is Physiotherapy and we will be running two webinars with Dr Gillian Tabor so stay tuned!
Have a good week,
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