Let’s take a look back at the week!

A look back at the week…
This week’s webinar topic has been Physiotherapy – with that in mind we had the wonderful Dr Gillian Tabor run two webinars for us and the feedback was overwhelming!  We have learnt that this is a topic we need to cover again and so we have some exciting content with Gillian and David planned for the New Year for you!  Thank you for your participation, we have enjoyed the group chats, both the member webinars and answering your questions!
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To watch the webinars follow the links or look in the webinar section of the website.
Webinar Topic: A Physiotherapy Approach To Surviving Winter & Lockdown – Dr Gillian Tabor
Live Members’ Webinar Replay Part 1 with Dr Gillian Tabor click here
Live Members’ Webinar Replay Part 2 with Dr Gillian Tabor  click here 
Recovery from Training and Competition – How Important is it? Click here
Can Biotin Worsen Hyperkeratosis in “Sallenders and Mallenders – Feed in Focus – Click here
Tendon Firing and Blistering – A Review of the Evidence for and Against its continued use in Horses – Click here
Muscle Building Poll Results – Click here
In the News – Equine Obesity Epidemic Podcast by Pat Harris – click here
David was up at 5.30am searching for the best deals for you and checking if a good deal really was a good deal.  We rallied the community to help and you did us proud with lots of interesting suggestions and great finds, plus a few duds pointed out!  You might have seen this as David appeared live on our public Facebook page with some great advice on how not to get scammed on the day.  The message seems to be price compare and double check everything is as it should be before you make a purchase!
With the equestrian world needing to rally around each other more than ever this year as so many of us have been impacted one way or another by Covid-19, we wanted to leave Black Friday on a positive note!  We asked for you all to show your appreciation to your local suppliers and services from Tack Shops, Feed Suppliers, Show Centres, Local Riding School, Farriers, Equine Dentists, Vets, Physio, that hard working groom we all know and so many more!  Feel free to post yours if you missed this on our public Facebook page, click here
We won’t be covering Cyber Monday deals as David’s got to get back to the important job of being a man of Science and not our personal shopper and we really need him to use his time being busy testing products and researching the next round of content for you to benefit from, but good luck everyone!
Our Facebook Members’ page has been busy this week with Gillian and David dipping in and out with content and many of you posting messages asking the Marlin team and each other for help and support which is great to see, click here Members group page.
Gillian would love to see videos and photos of you trying out the exercises that she showed examples of in her webinars, please see the Part II webinar for the exercises, click here.
It’s good to have some fun when the world can seem so serious at the moment and with that in mind we loved seeing your photos on the group page!!  David even got involved and took a selfie too…check them out!
Next week’s topic is STRESS. David will be running a webinar on this and has prepared a podcast for you and some other content too which we hope you will find helpful.  
Keep an eye on the news page for up-dates on these and we will email you a webinar link and put them in the diary in the coming days.
Thank you again for taking part in all the activities, we have had an interesting and engaging week with you and we really hope you enjoyed it!  
Have a good week
Sarah O’Neill
Head of content



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