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Although training aids aren’t compulsory, they are useful in the right context with the right horse, at the right time and set up correctly. Gillian talks about the Equiband a specific system made by a company called Equity Core concepts.

This webinar will be tackling the psychology of dealing with injury. Emma and Gillian will be discussing feelings and emotions that a rider may experience when their horse becomes injured and during the recovery/rehabilitation process. We’ll look at the horse-human relationship, common reactions to equine injury for owners and riders, and how this may influence your decisions as an owner when it comes to rehab or management choices.

This NEW STYLE webinar will encourage open discussion and learning with all different ‘breeds’ of therapists. Gillian has created three example case studies and presented questions about the approach and treatment. We would value your contribution and will share the information.

The aim is to have an open and unbiased discussion, to share the knowledge and experience of all the equine therapists in this group. All types of treatment can be included so we can learn from each other.

If you are a member and equine therapist – please fill in our case study survey. The webinar will be about the therapy treatment options which will be discussed. Click here to fill it in