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Webinar – The Role of Coach as Psychologist by Charlie Unwin, Sports Psychologist

Charlie Unwin has been a webinar sensation here a Dr David Marlin, he’s really stolen the hearts of our members and got into our heads retraining the way we think so that we can have a more positive mindset towards handling, driving, and riding our horses!

Charlie is passionate about helping equestrian coaches and professionals get the most from their riders by applying the fundamental principles of performance psychology to their practice. In this webinar Charlie explores how he has helped top coaches from around the world to work on their riders’ mental game as well as their physical and technical game.  This isn’t just for trainers and coaches, this will benefit every rider, driver and handler!

Don’t miss this webinar, it’s the last of the series however don’t despair he has promised to come back and run video analysis and breathing workshops.

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