Rug rating survey results!


We asked our members and the general public to RATE THEIR RUGS and we are pleased to share the results with you today!  This information is unique to Dr David Marlin in our mission to save horse owners time and money.   Thank you to all of you who helped us collect this data.


Dr David Marlin is now in the process of buying rugs to test in the lab!  Dr Marlin will test them for warmth, how waterproof they are and how durable.  The results of the lab testing will be available to our members only; the reason for this is our membership funds the testing and so we encourage the horse community to get behind us and help fund more projects like this one.


Membership is from as little as £8 a month to enjoy access to the complete website and full membership benefits such as: Access to survey results to save time and money, member only product discounts, fact based scientific horse management and training advice via podcasts, webinars, articles, live chats – covering topics from gastric ulcers to head shaking and everything in between!  Support from Dr Marlin and the team via our members’ private Facebook page – ask questions and join in on discussions!  Please join us on this exciting journey #TogetherWeAreStronger: Click Here for Details

MEMBERS – Thank you for backing this – Enjoy a discount on one of the leading rated rugs…

We will be releasing details of a rug discount kindly offered to us by one of the highest rated rug brands in this survey.  We are completely independent and have to be to operate as we do.  However, if companies wish to give our members discounts regardless of their rating position then we will pass these discounts on and are very happy to hear from them.  On this occasion we have a discount from a company who has been highly rated in various categories.

This member-only discount will be available to our members later today and will appear behind a paywall on our News Page and details be posted to our Members only Facebook Group.

Rug Survey Results


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