NEXT Webinar – Training Your Inner Voice with Performance Psychologist Charlie Unwin

Training Your Inner Voice with Charlie Unwin
If you’ve been following the series then quick, register below for the next one.  If you’ve missed it so far, then don’t worry.  These can be watched on catch-up at any time and watched as stand-alone webinars.  Charlie has been a webinar sensation here at and we highly recommend taking part on the night!

Training Your Inner Voice:

The voice inside our head can be our greatest encouragement and our worst critic. The difference from one rider to another can be huge, and undoubtedly this plays a huge role in getting the best from ourselves and therefore our horses. In this webinar, Charlie will share techniques and tips for developing a more positive and constructive inner dialogue.


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Charlie is running a series of webinars whereby he will take you through the following topics:

  • Manage Your Energy Not Your Time – Watch Now: Click here.
  • Coming Back Stronger – Monday 12th April:  Click here
  • Training Your “Feel” Monday 10th May:  Click here
  • Training Your Inner Voice – Monday 21st June 8pm:  Sign up here
  • Developing and Accessing Intuition – Monday 26th July 8pm
  • The Role of Coach as Psychologist – Monday 23rd August 8pm




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