How to keep your horse cool in the heat!


Should horses wear a sheet or no sheet? Black or white sheet? Wet or dry sheet?  At we get asked these sorts of questions a lot.  Some horses have to have sheets on because of flies and horse owners are left wondering is it better to wet it down or not in hot weather? What about dark horses, do they get hotter?

To help you decide how best to manage your horses the team at have a very simple demonstration.  If you have any questions please ask in the private members' group,

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Dr David Marlin is a physiologist and biochemist who has worked in academia, research and professional sport. He has worked in the equestrian and veterinary world and in human sport, healthcare, medicine and exercise science. In 1989 David obtained his PhD from the UK’s leading sports university, Loughborough University following a four-year study on the responses of Thoroughbred racehorses to exercise and training, undertaken at the renowned Animal Health Trust in Newmarket. You can read David's full biography in the Our Website section.