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The site is an independent information resource for all equestrians. A source of unbiased, science-based research, we deliver news, and product reviews, with webinars, podcasts and articles covering the full breadth of the equine world.
This website has been built to give you the opportunity to access a ton of information simply and quickly. We hope you have a great experience using the site, but should you have any problems, find any issues or have any great suggestions on how we can make it any better then please do let us know at
Through the top third of the website runs the main Navigation Bar and this should give you the quickest link to each section of the website. The website content is broken into 7 main sections, which each house a few subsections, as follows:
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We have a very comprehensive search function on the website that works throughout the website and all the different sections. So by going to the top right of the website in the top purple bar you will see the search bar. Simply type in a word or two about the subject you are looking for and all the articles, research, news, webinars, podcasts etc will be listed for your convenience.