FREE webinar hosted by World Horse Welfare – Skin disease: how to recognise, how to manage, and how to prevent

Equine Skin disease – How to recognise, how to manage, and how to prevent

Of all the conditions that affect our horses, skin conditions are the most common. But how good are you at recognising different skin diseases? Do you know when to call the vet? And do you know how to prevent skin problems from starting in the first place?  World Horse Welfare are giving you the chance to question one of the world’s experts, Professor Derek Knottenbelt, about skin disease in horses. Join us on January 20th at 7pm for the next World Horse Welfare webinar to hear Professor Knottenbelt talk about common skin conditions: how to recognise them, how to manage them, and how to prevent them.

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Professor Knottenbelt will be joined by our own Claire Gordon, World Horse Welfare’s Chief Field Officer. Claire has a wealth of experience through her field work where she supports horse owners to recognise skin conditions and guides them to appropriate treatment options which can include veterinary intervention or changes to management routines to aid prevention. Although Claire often deals with neglected equines skin diseases can affect even the best managed horses. Professor Knottenbelt worked for many years at Liverpool Vet School, where he ran the renowned sarcoid referral service. He now manages Equine Medical Solutions, an online referral service that supports owners and vets in the management of skin diseases and cancer, including sarcoid. His experience in the management of sarcoid is unparalleled and he will be happy to answer your questions about this frustrating condition.Do join us to learn about skin disease from the vet’s perspective, and from the owner’s perspective, in the company of Derek Knottenbelt and Claire Gordon – it promises to be a great evening.

Jan 20, 2021 07:00 PM in London

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