Free Course on the Functional Anatomy of the Horse’s Back


Kirstie Pickles has been busy finding you more interesting content and has a free course this time for you to enjoy!  You will need an FEI account to access this, just click the “Enrol Here” button and then sign up to FEI to access this free course on the horse’s back.

The Authors’ Description: course on the Functional Anatomy of the Horse’s Back.

The horse’s back plays a central role in almost every aspect of equine biomechanics. The interactions between muscles of the neck, back, trunk and pelvis play a crucial role in making horses the superb athletes that they are. In this course you will learn about:

    • the various functions of the horse’s back;
    • which muscles, ligaments and fascia move and stabilise the spine;
    • how posture affects movement of the back and the horse as a whole; and
    • which muscle groups are important for sustainably carrying a rider’s weight.

The course has been compiled by Dr Marie Dittmann and Dr Isabel Imboden.

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