Forage Forecast Saturday 19th June 2021


After a difficult winter in the UK and hay shortages meaning huge price rises, the team at decided that we needed to either support our members by helping you prepare for a hay shortage or ensure that everyone knows that there won’t be a hay shortage and there might be the opportunity to shop around for the best price.  With that in mind, we are delivering you a weekly #ForageForecast so that we can track grass growth and hay production this year!

Grass Growth:

The good news is the change in weather with rain and sun in the last few weeks mean that the slow start to UK grass growth has completely reversed and we now have across the UK average growth rates ABOVE the 5-year average for this time of year. The highest regional average daily growth rates are seen in the North West and Wales, with the lowest rates being reported for Cornwall and Kent.

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If you have horses or ponies prone to colic, obesity, EMS, laminitis, adverse behaviour, etc, this is the time to limit grass intake. If you do, then ensure that you provide additional forage in the form of hay, preferably soaked or soaked and steamed.


The information on grass growth has come from the Forage For Knowledge page on the AHDB website: click here






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