First Webinar Dates Announced!


We are excited to announce the dates and topics for our first Members’ Only Webinars!  The good news is with our current offer of one month’s FREE trial anyone can participate in them! To claim your free membership click here and use code Freeweb.  Then simply click the sign up links. If you are already a member – great, you can just sign up below immediately!  We hope to see you on the night!




Tuesday 17th November: 

The Science Behind How Horses Control Their Temperature and Rugging – Dr David Marlin

Which horses need rugs? How can you tell if a horse is too warm? Is over-rugging a problem? What is a medium weight rug ? Does rugging affect Vitamin D levels? How much research is there on rugging? Are rugging apps any value? Members’ question time! All this and more!  CPD certificates are available for download after the live webinar. If you are a Member, to sign up click here

Thursday 19th November:

Is it True? True or False? Real or Myth? Hosted by Dr David Marlin & Dr Gillian Tabor

Webinar where you can ask questions about anything related to horses. If we don’t know the answers then I’ll find out for you! Is garlic toxic? Does iron boost red cell numbers? Is magnesium really a sedative? Can horses sleep standing up? Should you walk a horse that is tying-up?  CPD certificates are available for download after the live webinar.  To sign up click here




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