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I want to read the restricted content
Only members are eligible to review ALL the content on the website, including in-depth articles and research findings, webinars, podcasts, surveys and additional information of interest to horse owners. You will need to register as a member to gain full access to all resources.
I can't find what I am looking for
Please go to the search section – top right in the purple bar and type in a few words around the subject you are searching for and this should bring up any relevant references throughout the site – from articles, news and research to webinars, videos and podcasts.
If you can’t find any content that alludes to your subject then please contact us at hello@drdavidmarlin.co.uk and we will see if our experts have anything in their archives to help you or they may be able to answer your query directly or point you in the right direction. We cannot guarantee that we can answer every question, but we will always try to help.
Your question or query may even stimulate the development of a future article or webinar for our team of experts to cover!
Your question or query may even go on to form a future article or webinar for our team of experts to cover!
I'm having trouble joining
If you are having trouble joining and/or if the payment gateway isn’t working for you, please contact us at hello@drdavidmarlin.co.uk and someone will be able to assist you.
Canceling your membership
You may cancel your membership to our website at any time and it will run to the end of the month you have paid for. If you paid a one-off £8 and ‘unchecked’ the auto-renew button in the Paypal section then you only have one months access, but if you checked it as an auto-renew payment you will need to go into your Paypal account and ‘unsubscribe’. The link to Paypal details how you can do this. Please click here and use this link from Paypal.

If you did not use Paypal to set up your membership then you should be able to cancel through your online banking or banking app in the Direct Debit/Standing Order set up section. Also, a call to your bank directly to cancel it will also work. 

If the above procedures do not work please contact us at hello@drdavidmarlin.co.uk and someone will be able to assist.

Webinar CPD Certificates
CPD Certificates are available for MOST of the webinars uploaded to this website, you will find them in the restricted content on the site either above or below where the webinar is playing.
NOTE. You will need to be logged in as a member to see and access this!
You will need to add your own name and the date you watched the webinar to the CPD Certificate.

If you attend a LIVE webinar the CPD certificate will be added to the website once the recording goes up on this website (up-to) 7 days later.