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Podcast – Star Studded with Dr Gillian Tabor and Alex Jolly from SupaStuds

Dr Gillian Tabor and Alex Jolly from SupaStuds have an open conversation about studs

Answering the questions:

  • When to stud?
  • When not to stud?
  • How many stud holes are recommended?
  • How to manage the stud holes?
  • …and how to choose studs?

They also discussed problems with studding and how to avoid them.

All your stud questions answered.


Alex Jolly from SupaStuds
Alex Jolly, is 23 years old and currently studying Veterinary Physiotherapy at Harper Adams University.
He has a 17.3 bay named Archie – currently an expensive field ornament as he is under the vet!

“I have been involved with SupaStuds all my life.  Dad used to do low-level riding club events; Mum would stud up for him. When she was heavily pregnant with me, she decided Dad could do his own studding up. To cut a very long story short, he cross-threaded the tap and couldn’t get any studs in. His little chestnut slipped into the first and they didn’t get much further!

As an engineer who used a tap frequently (although usually on stuff that didn’t bounce around looking for the first fence), Dad decided to make himself a cleaning tool, rather than a tap. This would eliminate the chance of cross threading anything. Having made a self-cleaning tool which didn’t try to cut a new thread, he then decided to incorporate this tool into the stud design itself. The result was a self-cleaning stud – easier, faster, and safer to use.

As well as selling studs worldwide, we spend a lot of time as a company trying to educate and advise people – whatever make of studs they use,

So many people are confused by the variety of styles and sizes of studs available.  We can’t tell anyone the perfect combination of studs for their horse/pony, but if they follow some basic guidelines, they won’t go too far wrong.  The number 1 rule is the smallest stud you can get away with, for your animal, and taking into account the ground conditions, the better!”





15 Oct 2023


8:00 am - 11:00 pm

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: 15 Oct 2023
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