Covid-19 Action Plan for the Equestrian Industry and Horse Owners


With the recent Horse Owners’ Fears Survey Results being released to Dr David Members before they go out to the press and on our public pages here are some Suggestions for an Action Plan by equine scientist Dr David Marlin, Dr Jane Williams (Hartpury University) and Dr Hayley Randle (Charles Stuart University, Australia).

  • Private livery yards should put in place a Covid-19 plan for their liveries which includes issuing guidance re expectations and precautions in place, and should also ensure they provide facilities that meet standard Government guidance to prevent the spread of infection. Ensuring guidelines are produced and appropriate facilities to reduce transmission of Covid-19 are perhaps even more important given the recent emergence of the new highly contagious variant of Covid-19.
  • Horse owners should put in place a Covid-plan to ensure peace of mind that support (physical and financial) is in place to care for their horse/s if they do become ill or have to self-isolate.
  • Safe-guarding against ‘Covid-fatigue’ and the potential negative impact this attitude could have on the equestrian industry and individual horse owners and their horses should be a key priority for the sector.
  • Animal (horse) welfare related activities must remain exempt from any future pandemic quarantine restrictions.


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