EHV-1 quarantine order lifted for UK horses


EHV-1 quarantine order lifted for UK horses

Equestrian bodies are satisfied that concerns about outbreaks on the continent have now abated and 10-day quarantine is no longer needed.

British Equestrian’s Equine Infectious Disease Advisory Group (EIDAG) has concluded the prevalence of the disease has returned to its typical background level.

A statement from the group read: “With immediate effect, this quarantine requirement has now been lifted and horses can return to the UK without any need to isolate.

“Horses going to European competitions may be required by the FEI [Fédération Equestre Internationale] to have pre-event testing and, for longer competitions, the screening will be continuing during the competition.

“This, together with other biosecurity measures put in place by the FEI, gives confidence that quarantine is no longer needed. However, similar restrictions will be reactivated if there are further EHV outbreaks and our experience this spring suggests that this is an effective means to protect British horses.

“Yards are urged to operate under a strict biosecurity plan to preserve the health of their horses, and minimise the spread of infection and disease.”

To read the full article see: Vet Times


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