David’s Diary from Tokyo 5-6/08/21


A relaxed morning as we build up to the Jumping Team Qualifier tonight with 57 horses to go.  I can’t believe I have been here nearly 3 weeks and tonight I have to pack up my room as I head to the airport at 9:30pm.  Tokyo time straight after the Jumping Final.  That is of course unless Tropical Storm Mirinae has other ideas.  The red area is the centre of the depression whilst the blue area is where winds of 34 knots are expected.  And Tokyo, Haneda, and Narita airports all fall in this area.  This wind speed is around the limit that planes won’t be allowed to take off or land.  The centre will be close to Tokyo around midnight tomorrow and my flight is scheduled to depart at 02:00am.

Last night we managed to get some nice night time images.  One from the hotel and one at the venue.

I’ve put together some analysis of how Ben Maher won his Gold which Sarah will share later with some more details, but here is the preview. The yellow arrows show where he was fastest in the jump-off.

So, here is the course for tonight. I think 4 and 12 could be problems. Fence 12 has silver poles, which we suspect can reflect the floodlights into the horse’s face as they approach. Also, the big scary half-face!

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I hope that you have a chance to watch the jumping today!











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