Cutting the cost of keeping horses


At Dr David we have a lot planned this year to help our members save time and money when keeping their horses.  We are currently undergoing various product surveys and testing for our members and as we are independent our members can trust us when we say something has been a clear winner.  We are then taking it a step further and liaising with the companies who own the best performing products to see if our members can benefit from a discount off them!  Of course not all will say yes, we cannot sponsor them or offer them direct advertising or any financial benefit as that goes against our non-biased promise, but so far we’ve had a good response and hope to continue to pass these savings on to you throughout the year!

This winter we know that many of you have been in touch to discuss your concerns at the rising cost of keeping your horses, or with worries about your own work or health situation during the pandemic.  As a community we are aware that the cost of keeping horses is particularly high this winter,  many areas of the UK are having hay shortages and therefore the cost of hay has increased with the highest prices we have seen for years!  Hay cost increases together with the pandemic causing disruption to how we earn an income means many horse owners are seriously looking at where they can cut back.

We felt that you might appreciate taking a moment to assess whether you could save any money on the cost of keeping your horse this winter, while not compromising on your horse’s welfare needs.  The World Horse Welfare Association has put together information on how to cut the cost of keeping your horse and how to prioritise their costs in the links below.

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