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The science of dressage

Use the science of dressage to improve your scores, make your horse healthier and happier, and perform at your optimum.


Hello to all British Dressage South & East members.

I’m delighted to be sharing my website with you and helping you and your horses. We can work on a wide range of topics and areas that will help you give your horses the best lives, and improve their well-being, performance and scores. Together we can take BDSE to the top of the leader board and beat all other regions.

I’ve spent over 25 years consulting for the BEF, I’m a member of the World Class Performance Advisory Board, and I’ve been to five Olympics as an FEI Official so I’m hoping I can use some of that knowledge to help you improve those dressage percentages.
I’m here to help.

Dr David Marlin


Exclusively for BD South & East members, I am offering a FREE month of access to my website. You can access a wealth of knowledge from the world’s leading professionals (it’s not all about me), listen to podcasts, watch videos and research thousands of topics to help you give your horse a better life.

Sign up for your free month and let me know what you think!

Use the Code: BDSEkeysoe22