Author: Heather Cameron-Whytock

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Dr Heather Cameron-Whytock is a Senior Lecturer and Researcher in Veterinary Medicine at the University of Central Lancashire. Heather’s PhD research focused on eventing sport, investigating ways to make eventing safer for both horses and riders. In addition to performing data analysis to identify risk factors for horse falls, Heather investigated optimal cardiac monitoring techniques for horses and went on to record both horse and rider heart rate and heart rate variability during eventing competition. She also carried out psychological profiling of riders during competition to identify their emotional state and link this to performance and stress. Heather’s 2023 study on horse falls in British Eventing competition was the largest scientific study ever published on the subject, it was featured in several equestrian media outlets and attracted global attention as such. Heather and the team have completed safety-focused projects for the FEI, British Eventing and Equestrian Australia. In addition to her work in eventing sport, Heather is also involved in more general research projects in the field of equine physiology, cognition and rider biomechanics.