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Vaccines and allergies

Can vaccines cause issues for a horse that suffers with allergies if they are given at the time of year your horse is suffering with their allergies – can it make it worse?

Bad traveller

My horses travels badly. I don’t know why. I have a nice trailer and I drive very carefully but he always comes out lathered and anxious. I always travel him forward as I was told this is best. What can I try?

Walking horses that are tying-up

I’ve seen on a lot of forums that if a horse starts to tie-up that you should keep walking it to try and shake it off?

Feeding electrolytes

My vet advised me that I should only feed electrolytes a few days before competing as they don’t need them all the time. But my horse has tied up several times and is not performing as well as he was.

Which form of Vitamin C

What form of Vitamin C is best? My horse has equine asthma and I’ve been told that I should feed Vitamin C.

Alfalfa allergy

I hear a lot of comments about horses being allergic to alfalfa or it making their horses go crazy. Why is this?

Loss of condition

The hay is supplied by the livery yard and all horses are on it, other horses on the yard have lost condition and their coats look poor. Is this likely that our diets are deficient or imbalanced?

Cooling and scraping horses after exercise

I understood that it’s essential to scrape off cold water to stop it heating the horse up when cooling horses after hard exercise, but my friend has said this is outdated? 

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