A look back at the week!

A look back at the week…
This week’s webinar topic was Stress and it proved very popular and is one we will revisit!  Below is a link to David’s Stress Podcast and his article which you may also wish to read; if you have any Stress related questions please pop them on the Facebook Private Member’s Page as this is your platform to chat to other members, David and our experts! Click here
This week on Facebook – If you are following our Public FB page, you can’t help but have noticed that David’s been appearing live this week and as this seems to be an excellent way to reach everyone easily he will be running a Nutrition chat next week.  David will be discussing the most common NUTRITION
questions he has been asked over the last five years and giving you his answers! To look back at what he was chatting about last week Click here
Stress Podcast, Click here
Stress Article, click here
Stress WebinarClick here

Stabling Stress – Could We Offer Our Horses More Social Interaction and Avoid stabling them ALONE? Click Here  This one caused a lot of discussion in our Members’ FB group and we really appreciated the honesty and understanding about your own situation and other people’s with no-one judging anyone and everyone clearly just trying to work with what they had and make the best of it for their horses.  Of course so many horse owners are restricted by what the livery yards offer and so many livery yards are restricted by budget.  Some of you weren’t happy with how long your horses spent alone in their stable but  this seemed to be due to livery rules and restricted winter turnout.  It was interesting seeing the photos of your facilities and hearing how you keep your horses; some of you have some impressive social setups and I’m sure that just raising awareness of this issue will be a good thing.   










Other Content:

URGENT Poisoning Up-dates – In case you missed this, Sycamore Tree Poisoning charts have been on the rise, click here

In the news…A Study finds that the Cleveland Bay has only a handful of Ancestry Lines, Click Here

In the news…Coronavirus Guidance for Vets in England, Click Here

Article… this is very topical right now: Sallenders and Mallenders – Click here

Webinars – have you seen all the webinars that are on offer?  The Ulcer webinar has proved popular this week, Webinars Archives – Dr David Marlin

Next week’s topic is GUT HEALTH.
David will be running a webinar on this on Thursday 10th at 8pm which we would love you to participate in; to reserve your space click here.
On Monday 15th December David will be live on FB for a NUTRITIONAL CHAT at 8pm and on Thursday 18th we have our Respiratory Webinar at 8pm – we will up-date you on the group and on email.

Dr David Marlin

Thank you again for taking part in all the activities, we have had another interesting and engaging week with you and we really hope you enjoyed it!  
Have a good week
Sarah O’Neill
Head of content



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